Urgyen Bodhi : Bob Gately

About Me

As the others who share this endeavor with me, I received my ordination as a minister/teacher with Inner Peace Buddhist Center through my teacher, Venerable “Nima” Janet Taylor, in February 2016. Even though much time has gone by, I still feel very much the student. My Dharma brother Trinley said once, “If you want to know about something, teach it.” So here I am, learning and teaching, teaching and learning.

I came to my path through the simple act of meditation. During a tumultuously traumatic time of my life, I was drawn to meditation, and through the great world of technology I found Nima at the Temple Buddhist Center and immediately felt at home. I knew this was a path I wanted to explore and share with every being.

Since youth, I always had a desire and curiosity about most spiritual traditions of the world. I have a deep understanding that Buddhism is more about behavior than it is about belief, but through much practice this path has moved, changed, shaped and evolved my spirit, thus giving me a true spirituality.

I make a living in the healing arts of massage therapy and found a great completeness within myself in helping others with their physical wellness. Now, along with spiritual practice, I have found an awesome fulfillment through body, mind and spirit.

Oh, yes…not to mention, I love to tap dance. 🙂

I saw a fun movie and I love this line and now want to implement it into my rhetoric: “I will not tell you to have a nice day. I want you to have a day that matters.”  Think about it.

About My Dharma Name

Not that any one event is really more important than another, but the Bodhisattva Vows I took privately with my teacher were a very special day in my life. That was when I surprisingly received my Dharma name, Bodhi. Like the Bodhi-tree where the Buddha sat and received his revelation of enlightenment, “bodhi” simply means awakened.

It also works really well with my secular name, Bob. It make me smile when I hear someone refer to me as “Bodhi-Bob.”

About My Perspective

I was relieved when I found out that Buddha never referred to himself as a deity, a prophet or really anyone exceptionally special. He was just someone who discovered a way to less suffering and more happiness, and he wanted to share it with the world. Getting off the cushion and out into the world does not mean I am to preach or beat others over the head with dogma and belief. I simply have to go out and live life — compassionately, lovingly, kindly, and most important…happily.

My favorite quote: “Laugh as if your life depends on it.”

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