At Inner Peace Buddhist Center in Kansas City, the work of sitting on the cushion is only part of life’s experience. We seek to extend our practice to all areas of life in order to express the Bodhisattva ideal of easing suffering through wisdom and compassion.

IPBC draws from the richness of many traditions in a simple yet powerful practice of the Buddhist basics, especially as they apply to our everyday lives. We encourage people to practice and follow a Buddhist path that is as individual and unique as they are, while serving as a source for spiritual nourishment and human interconnectedness. Like the center of the Dharma wheel turning, IPBC is a hub for people to meet, practice, encourage, share and collaborate as they radiate out into the world to be of benefit to all beings, without exception.

Our modern, globalized world gives us a unique chance in this precious lifetime to explore the foundational Buddhist teachings via the wealth of information now available to us at the touch of our fingertips, including talks, translations, commentaries, and wisdom from countless teachers past and present. With access to further guidance from its leaders and teachers, IPBC seeks to create an open, accessible, and evolved approach to Buddhism that brings Dharma to the people, cultivating wisdom and nurturing compassion for all beings everywhere.

Inner Peace Buddhist Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit established in Kansas City, Missouri, in 2015 by its founder and principle teacher, Nima Janet Taylor.

IPBC operates as an umbrella organization that promotes and supports Buddhist sanghas, Dharma teachers, social outreach efforts and community service projects. It currently runs on an all-volunteer basis.