SANGHA PRACTICE: Wednesdays @ 7 pm . Heart of the Dove KC . 4327 Troost Avenue . Kansas City, MO 64110

Inner Peace Buddhist Center Monthly Schedule

Each week the IPBC Sangha hosts a Dharma Gathering, engaging in meditation, open discussion, or a talk led by IPBC Dharma teachers, students, or special guests. Our goal is to bring traditional teachings into our modern, Western lives in a practical, useful way so that we might take our practice off the cushion and into the world.

IPBC meets at Heart of the Dove (4327 Troost) beginning at 7 pm. Chairs and some cushions provided. Feel free to bring your own. On-street parking is available, as well as a gravel lot behind the building. A dana offering will be collected, but our gatherings are always free and open to all.

1st Wednesdays - Dharma Talk

All practitioners are invited to join us for meditation, a brief Dharma talk and Q&A, followed by open discussion and friendly support on your path. Come listen to the Dharma illuminated from a variety of viewpoints with practical insight and gentle humor.

2nd Wednesdays - Chant Night

Come join your voices, bodies, and minds in harmony in an evening of traditional chanting and meditation! All are welcome – no experience necessary. This practice is accessible and beneficial to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike (you don't have to know the words because we provide an easy-to-follow chant sheet). Whether you choose to add your voice or just listen, allow yourself to be immersed in the experience of chanting!

3rd Wednesdays - Group Meditation

Experience the profound peace of connecting with others in silent meditation. Each month, a facilitator guides us through a specific meditation technique or visualization, with simple silent meditation as the foundation for our practice. First-timers or advanced practitioners – all are warmly welcomed. A facilitator is always available before and after the session to answer questions.

4th Wednesdays - Guest Speaker or Video Teaching

Once a month, IPBC hosts a guest speaker from the greater Kansas City sangha or takes teachings via video from well-known Buddhist teachers such as Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh, or Mingyur Rinpoche. This is a wonderful chance to experience new voices and insights, which often creates a rich and lively discussion and exchange of ideas and experiences. If you have suggestions for guest speakers or teachers, please contact us!

5th Wednesdays – NO MEETING

Even the Buddha walked The Middle Way and took a break once in awhile! Consider spending this week mindfully incorporating the Dharma teachings off the cushion and into the world – wherever you are!

IPBC Calendar

Off the cushion and into the world.

At Inner Peace Buddhist Center, the work of sitting on the cushion is only part of life’s experience. We seek to extend our practice to all areas of life in order to express the Bodhisattva ideal of easing suffering through wisdom and compassion.

IPBC draws from the richness of many traditions in a simple yet powerful practice of the Buddhist basics, especially as they apply to our everyday lives. We encourage people to practice and follow a Buddhist path that is as individual and unique as they are, while serving as a source for spiritual nourishment and human interconnectedness. Like the center of the Dharma wheel turning, IPBC is a hub for people to meet, practice, encourage, share and collaborate as they radiate out into the world to be of benefit to all beings, without exception.

Our modern, globalized world gives us a unique chance in this precious lifetime to explore the foundational Buddhist teachings via the wealth of information now available to us at the touch of our fingertips, including talks, translations, commentaries, and wisdom from countless teachers past and present. With access to further guidance from its leaders and teachers, IPBC seeks to create an open, accessible, and evolved approach to Buddhism that brings Dharma to the people, cultivating wisdom and nurturing compassion for all beings everywhere, without exception.

Listen In. Reach Out.

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